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Experienced fishermen in and around Casper love to fish for walleye, a freshwater fish native to this region. With its mostly olive-and-gold coloring and reflective eyes, walleye is a striking fish that is also delicious to eat. They can grow as large as 30 or more inches and weigh around nine pounds, though the typical catch is between 12-20 inches and 3-6 pounds.

Walleye is most abundant at Pathfinder and Alcova Reservoirs. Their eyes reflect white light, which allows them to see well in low-light conditions or choppy waters. Because of this, they often feed in shallow to moderate depths near dawn and dusk, and retreat to deeper waters as sunlight increases. Anglers find that overcast days and windy days that cause rough waters are a good time to catch walleye. This species prefers cooler waters but is less active in very cold temperatures, so fishermen who choose to venture out on a wintery day will need to be patient and move their bait slowly. Walleye respond to a variety of bait, including live bait, plastic worms, crankbaits and jigs.

A number of local guides specialize in walleye, and all of them can make recommendations for their favorite walleye bait and locations.